Nordic School

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Nordic School is an educational travel brand under Gateway Europe-China Oy Ltd. We promote Finnish educational concepts and innovations internationally with the main focus on China. We help children, students and teachers from other countries to experience the unique Finnish education system, the society and nature.

We have established cooperation with educational institutions, schools and children social groups in China. Some examples include Information Technology College of South East University of China, Beijing Xinxuefu School and Guoma Reading.

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北欧学堂是 Gateway Europe-China Oy Ltd. 名下力推的芬兰教育品牌,致力于推广芬兰教育理念,帮助各国青少年儿童及教育者走进芬兰,体验芬兰式教育,感受北欧特色的人文与自然。


我们可以根据根据客户需要定制教育旅游产品, 了解更多我们的教育项目, 请电子邮件联系